What’s New

Schedule your own appointment!

We have upgraded to an appointment software system. This will allow our existing clients to schedule their tax appointment from there phone, it is easy and you will get reminders on email and text (just like your Dentist office uses).

All existing clients receive and email from us in early January that contains a link to schedule there appt based on how long we will need to spend with them.

Sign your return electronically Via DocUsign!

To ensure less touch points throughout the process this year we will be handling all our document signature electronically through DocuSign. This feature will allow you to receive an electronic copy of your return prior to authorizing us to file your return. An email address will be required to sign your documents electronically. If you are married, an email address will be required for both taxpayers.

Covid information:

For the 2021 Tax season we will NOT be seeing our clients in the office. We have created ways to talk to us about your tax return just like always….. just with a twist.

We have available Both ZOOM appointments and Telephone appointments. This will give us a chance to catch-up and see each other safely until we are all Vaccinated, and we hope can see you in person in 2022.

How will this all work

For starters, we ask that you provide us with your information at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time so that we can discuss everything during your appointment time. 

You can provide us with your information via the following options:

  1. Drop-off – you will have the opportunity to drop off in our office during office hours or in the drop-box outside our office door at any time.
  2. Mail – if you would like to mail your documents, please mail your documents to the address above.
  3. Fax – if you still have fax capabilities, please feel free to fax to us at 303-232-8544.
  4. Secure Portal – you can have access to our secure portal through our website. Please call or email and request access if you have not set up an account.
  5. Email – as a last resort you may email us your documents however, we are not responsible for the security of your documents via email. Since you already have electronic copies, please consider using our secure portal.

During your appointment time, we will contact you via the method you selected. This call will mimic our in-office appointments as much as possible. Just like you, we value the time we get to spend with you and want to make sure all your questions are answered. If you have any specific questions, please include them with your documents when they are provided.