Your Tax Professionals

At Tanner and Company, we prepare tax returns. That is all we do, and we do it well. We are fully interactive and completely electronic. Come in, sit down and let us turn what could be a painful experience into a simple conversation.

We work by appointment only and generally stay on time. The tension of doing your taxes begins to drain from your fingertips as you reach for our door. From that moment, people just seem to let go… relax a bit. We sit, we chat, and we ask each other about a million questions.

That’s what a tax appointment is, “The asking of the questions”. We work and talk and work and… BAM… just like that; we are done. You are done. We’ve had a few laughs, maybe shed a tear or two and you’re standing there with a perfect copy of a wonderful tax return.

This is better than a full-service gas station!

Prepare for Your Appointment

Begin preparing for your appointment by gathering all the documents that come in the mail in January/February that say, “Important Tax Information enclosed”. See the Tax Organizers on this site. Fill one out or just use it for guidance about what to gather and come on in.

We will take over from there. At the end of your appointment, we will electronically file your return and give you a copy for your records.

Twenty five percent of our clients mail their information to us from around the world. If you want to save a trip across town or across the Atlantic just drop your information in the mail, drop off to our office or request a folder on our secure portal to upload all your documents. You will usually have a completed return before you know it.

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